Jo Holt Artist portfolio


Jo Holt is a London based Installation artist. She works with a vast variety of materials from ceramics to glass, metal, textiles, light and movement. To her each material has a voice of its own, she applies that voice to further add depth and feeling to her work.

Holt investigates themes around otherworldliness and the ethereal. Touching on the subjects of life, death, rebirth, timelessness, weightlessness, fluidity and journeying. She is currently working on the theme of the unseen. 

Alongside her material explorations are explorations of the use of space and ways to manipulate and display work in space. Deciding shape, form, scale, positioning of each piece in space with the viewer in mind to create captivating experiences.

She was selected out of over 1,300 applicants to exhibit at the Mall Galleries for the Royal Society of Marine Artists exhibition 2018. Given a commendation at Surrey Sculpture Prize in 2018 and won the Surrey Sculpture Prize 2019. 

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