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Light based installation piece
Textile, wool, string, latex, battery powered flickering lights
2017 - Ongoing

Incubation Chamber exhibited at Landmark Arts Centre, Teddington, Surrey 2018

Installing the piece at Landmark Arts Centre 2018

Incubation Chamber is a piece based upon my experiences of the feelings of life/death/rebirth. My aim was to create a piece that spoke of both darkness and light.

I was given the opportunity to chose a specific location to site the piece, so decided to select a dark, uncomfortable, disused space with peeling paint, cracking walls. The space felt like it was speaking of some of the qualities I was wishing to express in my work.
The installation took the viewer on a journey down a corridor, dark and dimly lit, until they came upon a disused space where they found cocoons with a low flickering light radiating out from inside them, these cocoons form the focal point of the piece.

The piece is my way of speaking of life birthing despite of difficulty and struggle. Making comment that even in the most difficult of circumstances, even though life can feel painful and difficult and the world/my body feel like a hostile place. Even when I have felt lost, broken, scarred, light and life has had the ability to shine through and re-emerge.

We all have within us the innate ability to endure, evolve and rebirth regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves up against.

I was given the opportunity to display my piece at the atmospheric Landmark Arts Centre.
After much discussion it was agreed that the work could be sited within what once was the pulpit. I was elated, and went about quadrupling the piece in size to suit the site. I knew that the change of space would dramatically change the feeling of the work, but was exctied by this challenge.  


Installation piece
Ceramics with flourescent glow in the dark pigment
2018 - Ongoing

In the last 4 years over 180 biofluorescent species have been discovered, including the critically endangered Hawksbill turtle. Human beings are unable to see this bioflurescence with the naked eye, we can see this phenomenon only when using a yellow filter that removes the blue range of light in the ocean.  

Eye of the Beholder aims to question what we take for granted, considering perception, its effect on our lives and the way we live in the world. There is often more to life than meets the eye, sometimes all we need do is change our perspective and we are able to see and experience life in an entirely new light.

This piece speaks of the beauty of coral, the tragedy of coral bleaching and the absolutely mind blowing magnificence of bioflourescence.

Early works 2018

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