Jo Holt Artist portfolio


Work in Progress Mixed Media Installation Piece
2017 - Ongoing

Exhibition at Newington Gallery 2019

“I had the wonderful opportunity to explore my ideas with working in space through the Space, construction and Performance exhibition at Newington Gallery. I was lucky enough to have all the materials given to me on loan from the Walworth History Festival. I spent a great deal of time considering how to arrange and display the doors within the space to give it the feel of a maze or labyrinth and create a feeling of disorientation for the viewer navigating the space.” Jo Holt

Children playing at Newington Gallery Exhibition Opening 2019

“I was thrilled to see how much children engaged with the work, whizzing and running around and around the piece. Their enjoyment of the work was a pleasure to see! I had wanted to make the piece feel confusing and disorientating and I can ony imagine that chasing around it rapidly would add to that feeling, making it a fun place to play.” Jo Holt

Cardboard maquette for door layout 2019

This installation unlike any other work to date was too large and heavy to shift and move around in space prior to execution, therefore I had no choice but to find new ways to design my piece spacially and plan it in advance. I found pintmaking very helpful for me to play with my lofty ideas and express the moods and sensations I wanted to create and model making the most effective way to visualise the structure and layout of the work. I really enjoyed making my cardborad model, trying out the doors and frames in numerous layouts before making the decision which way to best site each piece.” Jo Holt

Installing World Between Worlds at Newington Gallery 2019

“As this work was so large and heavy I was not able to site it alone, I had to ask for assistance. I was very very grateful to Technician Dave and my friends Farnoush and Suzon for giving me the vital support to do this. It was a really tough yet fun afternoon!” Jo Holt

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