Jo Holt Artist portfolio


World Between Worlds, Monoprints 2019
“These prints were my way to engage with my ideas for my installation piece. What I love about working in this way is that printmaking enables me to both explore my lofty fantastical ideas, to explore the imaginary as well as map out ideas of physical reality and space. I feel I could printmake forever and never get bored. I love it! Jo Holt”

Eye of the Beholder, drawings and monoprints 2018-2020
“I absolutely adore working on this project, every bit of it. What I have recently found with this ‘Eye of Beholder’ printmaking is that the prints can communicate about so manys aspects I wish to expore that would take so much longer to reach in 3D, enabling me to bring ideas out much quicker, ready to explore them in 3D. I am especially enjoying the ethereal qualities, playing with composition and most of all the story telling that is starting to come through. I am so looking forward to watching this unfold for me as I progress and seeing what it teaches me.” Jo Holt

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